We can live in a world where we use the full potential of our human mind and emotional intelligence in perfect harmony. Music is a life long form of self-expression that connects us back with ourselves and in turn others. Experience how playing, performing, writing and recording music can increase academic performances and improve the power of the mind.

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Jared Coffin

Jared Coffin is a drum instructor who specializes in helping beginner and intermediate students to play the basics at their absolute best, and inspiring advanced students

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Paul Gunsberg Music Instructor

Paul Gunsberg

Paul Gunsberg is a multi-instrumentalist specializing in drums/percussion and piano. He began playing music at age five when he received his first drum kit.  Growing up in a musical family

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Anthony Stoika

Anthony Stoika

Anthony Stoika has been playing drums for 15 years. He is fluent in a variety of styles but is most passionate about jazz. He performs

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dillon baird headshot

Dillon Baird

Specializing in beginner and intermediate students, Dillon has been a private drum/percussion and guitar instructor for 5 years. During his time studying music at Frederick

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Sloan School of Music Drums instructor Kris

Kris Nigh

Kris Nigh has been playing trombone for close to 20 years, drum set for 15, and performing publicly for the past 13. He has played

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bailey kercheval playing drums

Bailey Kercheval

Bailey Kercheval began his journey teaching drums and percussion during college, when he took on work assisting high school drumlines with their competition seasons for

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