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Sloan School of Music is holding private music lessons online AND in person.  

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What makes Sloan School of Music the best and most fun place to expand your music education? Here are the top four reasons:
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There are few things more iconic when it comes to music than the guitar. Along with its cousins bass guitar and ukulele, these are all instruments steeped in history that can be heard in just about everything. Learning and playing each of these can be as easy or as difficult as they need to be to match the student’s abilities. Ask about how playing one of these instruments can fit into your life! Guitar lessons offered seven days per week.


With five plus days of drum days open due to demand, Sloan School of Music makes learning to play the drums fun and convenient. Spread out in our large drum and percussion room with quality equipment and tools to help get you up to speed with technique, reading, songs, and much more! Our instructors have many years under their belts teaching, playing in groups, and running quality recitals that encourage growth and confidence behind the drums.

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Learning how to play piano is arguably the best place to start if you don’t know what instrument you or your child should play. It can be the perfect gateway into musicianship for many people and is fantastic for kids because it takes no hand strength or coordination to make a loud, clear sound. Group piano classes are offered as well for those who aren’t sure if they are ready for lessons. Piano lessons offered seven days per week!


Formal vocal lessons for all ages and experience levels, as well as bands, master classes, and other performance opportunities are all available to vocal students as SSoM. Collaboration is encouraged for vocal students with local theater organization Authentic Community Theater as an extension of lessons for anyone who is interested. See how a voice teacher can elevate your singing!

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Violin, viola, and cello can be difficult to start with, but the rewards are great! Recitals offered in house at SSoM to students at no additional cost. Students who can learn to play one of these instruments often have tremendous success learning other instruments as well. We have string teachers that work with students of all ages and experience levels, as well as a string ensemble taught by one of our lesson instructors.


The woodwind family is made up of the saxophone, clarinet, flute, oboe, and bassoon. We currently offer lessons at SSoM for saxophone, clarinet, and flute at any age or experience level. Additionally, ensembles are available for students to expand their performance opportunities both in house and out in public in the local area.

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Brass instruments like trumpet and trombone are a core piece of every jazz band, big band, orchestra, and tons of groups in the realms of popular music. At SSoM we have a crew of great instructors that can help you reach your brass playing goals.


Whether you are looking to record a few songs you wrote, learn a new piece of gear or software, or get prepped to run a studio, we can help. We have a new Yamaha TF1 digital console and the instructors with the knowledge and patience to help guide you through the process from microphones to mixing and mastering. Some engineering and editing skills that can be covered in this lesson format are vocal recording, sampling, mixing, microphone placement, and lots, lots more.

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Want to improve your home videos, social media or YouTube videos, or make your own movies? Learn modern video production techniques, editing skills, writing skills, and lots more with an instructor who is a working director, writer, filmmaker, editor, and producer! Contact SSoM for more details on this specialty offering that we are very excited to bring outside of the university level.

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