The PRS CE 24 Guitar: A Complete Guide

prs ce 24
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Not only is the guitar more popular than ever before, but about 72 million people worldwide have taken up playing it. This makes it one of the most iconic and popular instruments for musicians of all ages. If you’re looking to join their ranks or up your music game, a PRS CE 24 model is a great choice for both beginners and experienced enthusiasts.

Here, we’re going to talk about the ins and outs of this semi hollow guitar and discuss what makes it awesome. Read on for an epically comprehensive guitar guide that will show you why this model really knows how to rock.

What Is the PRS CE 24 Guitar?

The first question that you probably have about these models is what exactly PRS CE 24 means. PRS stands for “Paul Reed Smith,” the producer of these guitars. He’s been working since 1985 to perfect the model and ensure that all musicians can get the most out of their instruments.

CE guitars are simply “Classic Electric” instruments. They’re semi hollow, plug into an amp, and have a traditional bolt-on neck design.

The “24” is a reference to the number of frets that the instrument has. Frets are strips of metal that lay all the way down the guitar’s neck and serve as markers of where to put your fingers to play specific notes. When you put your finger under a fret, the length of the string changes and it vibrates at a frequency that emits the note you want.

So, in short, the PRS CE 24 is a high-quality electric guitar with 24 frets!

What Sets This Model Apart?

One of the initial draws of this awesome guitar model is the price/quality discrepancy. Lots of models cost thousands of dollars and provide a low-end sound that doesn’t match the user’s passion. PRS CE 24 models are extremely well-priced for the sound quality, playability, and unique features that they offer.

Structure and Design

The CE 24 is a bolt-on neck guitar with great snap and response. This means that it’s attached to the rest of the instrument using screws. It’s easier to adjust and repair than set-neck guitars and offers a similar sound quality because of the rest of its construction.

The body of the guitar is semi-hollow, which makes sound vibrations more intense. When amplified, there’s a clear sound that even the most hardcore of guitar enthusiasts find satisfying. Since this is an electric guitar, you’ll make a huge impact with this traditional body/electric feature construction.

Tone and Sound Clarity

The sound quality is also optimized for tone and clarity because of its PRS 85/15 pickups. Both the treble pickup and the bass pickup are made this way. This contributes to a consistently high-quality sound with extended high and low end.

It’s also really easy to adjust the volume and control the tone. There’s a push/pull tone control mechanism on the guitar that features a 3-way toggle. This lets you create six different types of classic sound so that you can create your own auditory aesthetic.

If playing a dope instrument with a great sound appeals to you, you can buy a PRS CE 24 guitar online. We love the way that this guitar looks and functions and are certain that you will, too.

Aesthetic and Feel

Last but not least, any PRS CE 24 guide will tell you that the look of these instruments is amazing. The top wood is made from maple for a textured aesthetic. The back of the guitar is made from mahogany for class, beauty, and top-notch sound quality.

The front of the guitar body features visually-appealing stripes similar to a tiger’s-eye stone. This gives it a textured appearance despite its smooth, polished feel. You can also get it in tons of custom colors including blue, amber, green, orange, gray, and even tiger-striped.

The neck is made from maple while the fretboard is made of rosewood. The neck area features a Pattern Thin carve topped off with a satin nitro finish. This makes the instrument comfortable to hold and addictive to play.

A Brief History of the PRS Brand

So, curious where such an awesome instrument comes from? 

Paul Reed Smith built his guitar-making workshop in a historic and haunted Annapolis building. He loved creating things with his hands and decided to build a guitar as a challenge for his college music professor. He loved music and would play his handmade guitars at gigs to test them out.

As he kept playing, design tweaks were a natural outcome. Other people would test-drive guitars and suggest alterations to make them better. Over time, the guitars developed into the amazing pieces that they are now.

Today, lots of musicians get their groove on with a PRS CE 24. Dylan Bowman of I Prevail uses this guitar to play rock music and get his sound just right. Punk-pop sensation Billy Martin of Good Charlotte also uses one of these awesome instruments to make music and get into his groove.

It’s a style that you can use to play multiple types of music from rock to pop to punk! This means that you can learn and love this instrument regardless of your musical taste. Signing up for private guitar lessons is a great way to learn self-expression and enhance your love for music.

Learn More About Guitar Lessons

There are tons of awesome instruments that you could become passionate about, the PRS CE 24 guitar is one of the best. Electric guitars are extremely iconic and fun to rock out with, so there’s nothing to hold you back from finding your sound and having a blast.

Now that you know some facts about one of our favorite guitar types, it’s time to start your journey with music. Our experts are committed to providing top-notch instruction each and every day so that you can fit guitar lessons into your busy life. Contact Sloan School of Music today to discuss your music education needs! Learn more about buying an electric guitar in our guide here.