Exploring the PRS CE 24 Semi Hollow Guitar

PRS CE 24 Semi Hollow Guitar
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Are you looking for a new addition to your electric guitar collection? An instrument that you can bring to your gigs, but also play for family and friends. Maybe you are just starting your musical journey and want to find the perfect electric guitar for your music lessons.    

Learning music is difficult as it has many components and takes years of practice. However, if you are eager about learning how to play electric guitar PRS (Paul Reed Smith) Guitars has the perfect instrument for you. Check out the PRS CE 24 Semi-Hollow Guitar from Paul Reed Smith (PRS) Guitars. Read below to see what exactly makes this company and instrument so unique. 

PRS (Paul Reed Smith) Guitar Roots 

PRS Guitars started from Paul Reed Smith’s youthful dream to create guitars for the most famous musicians in the world. He built his first guitar for a college class and when he passed the assignment, he continued on to build several guitars.

Once Smith finished constructing the models, he tested out the instruments at local gigs before selling them to touring musicians. After years of pushing sales and gaining success, today musicians like Carlos Santana, John Mayer, and Tony McManus are signature players for PRS Guitars.

Sloan School of Music

Maryland-based music school, Sloan School of Music, was formed in 2019 by a group of music teachers. The instructors looked to create a location that combined musical excellence with musical education for those who otherwise might not have access to it. 

Sloan focuses on making music education accessible and affordable for its students. Sloan also emphasizes their family background, placing extra importance on working with the families of students as well as students. 

Sloan utilizes state-of-the-art instruments in their academy and stresses the importance of students playing instruments they are comfortable with. 

PRS Meets Sloan School of Music 

PRS Guitars is a well-known company across the globe and trusted by many guitar stores and centers that sell their products. Sloan School of Music, a Maryland-based store is a licensed PRS Guitar seller

Since Sloan School of Music is also based in Maryland, it is no surprise that they are licensed in PRS guitars and have extensive knowledge of the instruments. If you have any questions about PRS guitars, the workers and instructors at Sloan School of Music have your back. Not only can they answer in-depth information about the start of the company, but they can also show you features unique to each guitar during lessons. 

Sloan School of music focuses on excellence for its students, but also affordability and comfortability when it comes to instruments. This is one of the main reasons why The Sloan School is fond of PRS models. In fact, one of their favorite PRS models right now is the PRS CE 24 Semi Hollow Guitar.

PRS CE 24 Semi Hollow Electric Guitar

PRS CE 24 Semi Hollow model

This PRS CE 24 Semi Hollow model allows for a lighter tune and crisper tone while playing chromatic scales and freestyling on the fretboard. The hollow body accentuates each tone with a clear and smooth sound. Even if you are just learning how to play, this guitar’s silky sonics will make you sound like a pro. 

The double-cutaway on the body of the guitar allows you to play high into the 20th frets. You can easily copy Carlos Santana’s versatile, high-range style or you can learn how to play John Mayer’s intensive and immaculate finger-picking style. Soon you too will be able to play Neon.

The hollow-body style of the PRS CE 24 measures on the lighter side of electric guitars. Weighing in at just six pounds, this instrument is ideal for toting to gigs, traveling with, and bringing out at the campfire to entertain your friends. 

Fret Focus  

The PRS CE 24 has 24 frets on the neck measuring a total of 25 inches. Complete with a Rosewood fretboard and maple neck backing, the guitar not only sounds sharp and clear, but it is also pretty. 

Instead of having traditional dots on the side of the neck for fret markers, this shimmery instrument has white doves spreading their wings. On the respective third, fifth, seventh, ninth, twelfth, fifteenth, seventeenth, nineteenth, twenty-first, and twenty-fourth frets, a bird flies through the strings. It is a beautiful sight to see a bird’s flight through the frets of a semi-hollow-bodied PRS guitar.

With the thin neck and rosewood frets, you can practice pentatonic scales with ease, harmonize with your harmonic exercises, and have some fun with your modes. Do you want to test your Mixolydian modes, and need some practice on your Aeolian modes? This is the perfect guitar for you.

Pick Your Pickups

Electric guitars have additional features that make them stand out from the other guitars. One of these elements is pickups.

The PRS CE 24 is equipped with 85/15 treble and bass pickups. The first number (85) is the year the pickup was originally created. So for the 85/15 pickup– the first one was created in 1985. The second number is when the company was able to adapt and update the pickup to fit current times. So, the 15 represents the updates made in 2015.

In a video on prsguitars.com, Paul Reed Smith says the 85/15 pickups “are clearer in the high-mid range, they have less low mid-range, and the bass note is a slightly different clearer, but strong bass note.”

These pickups amplify each note with clarity. Not one single note is hidden when playing the PRS CE 24, something that is quite difficult to find with pickups today. 

The toggle switch on a guitar decides which pickup the instrument plays. For example, on this model, the toggle has three positions, letting the guitar player select from three different options. 

Toy with the Toggle Switch

Another important electronic element on this PRS CE 24 Semi Hollow guitar model is the toggle switch. Toggle switches are the metal pieces of hardware that lie near the bottom of the body of the guitar. Toggles switch into different positions depending on which pickup you wish to play in. 

This guitar has a total of three positions in the toggle switch, allowing the player to play between three different pickups. Placing the switch on the lowest setting, near the bottom of the guitar’s body registers the guitar’s bridge pickup sound. Use this pickup for mastering rock riffs and stiff scales. Ask your instructor to focus on rock and metal songs to learn more about the bridge pickup.

Moving the toggle switch closest to the neck registers the neck pickup. A sound that is more smooth and clean, preferably used in jazz and blues music. The neck pickup sound is softer and more inviting than the darker side of the bridge pickup. Ask your instructor to share some finger-picking tunes that focus on the neck pickup. 

To combine the harsh rock sounds of the bridge pickup and the sweet jazzy music from the neck pickup, use the middle pickup. 

Tremolo Arms

Guitars, especially electric guitars, can sample sounds from dark dirges to reverberating falsettos. One of the pieces that helps an electric guitar flirt with different sounds is the tremolo arm.

Tremolo arms attach to the body of the guitar, and they look like an arm. They are slim, white, or silver pieces that plug into a socket on the body. informally known as whammy bars, tremolos distort the sound and elongate vibrations. 

The PRS CE 24 Semi Hollow guitar has a PRS Patented Tremolo, molded arm attached to the bridge. Ask your instructor about all tremolo techniques such as dive bombs and slides.

Color Choice

ce 23 hollow body sunburst guitar

This model comes in a selection of nine different color finishes. For a refined look, choose the Amber color, a clean, maple finish sure to attract a crowd. 

For a more refined look, stick to the Amber, McCarty Sunburst, Dark Cherry Sunburst, Faded Blue Smokeburst, and Faded Gray Black models. 

For a vibrant, rockstar guitar, choose between the Blue Matteo, Eriza Verde, and Fire Red Burst styles. Lastly, for a traditional, sleek guitar, the PRS CE 24 Semi Hollow guitar comes in black. 

Visit Sloan School of Music Today 

When you walk into Sloan School of Music you will be enraptured by the hundreds of instruments decorating the walls. You will find several PRS CE 24 Semi Hollow Guitars available for you to play and purchase. 

So if you are looking for a new electric guitar to add to your collection or you are looking to improve your musical instrument expertise and don’t know where to start, Sloan School of Music will set you up with the perfect guitar. A PRS CE 24 Semi Hollow model, of course.

Sloan offers guitar lessons seven days a week. They are offered to students of all ages both virtually and in person. Lessons are open to those who can play all of John Mayer’s “Neon” and those who don’t know what a fret is. 

For more information on guitar lessons, Sloan’s music education background, programs, and overall love of music check out the blog page here.