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Allie Baughman

Instruments Allie Baughman Teaches:

About Allie Baughman

Allison Baughman is an experienced vocal instructor and performing artist who achieved a certificate of vocal performance from Musicians Institute. Allison favors rock, grunge, soul, and pop styles of music. This is emulated in her local acoustic duo known as Allie and Luna. Vocals being her primary instrument, Allison is also well versed when it comes to piano and ukulele. Her lesson plan includes:

  • Technique
  • Ear training
  • Songwriting/ artistry
  • Performance/microphone technique

“My goal as a teacher is to provide my students with the tools, and confidence, that allows them to expand their knowledge beyond the lesson room and into real-life musical goals. It is the passing down of knowledge that allows music to stand the test of time.”

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