Instructor Amanda Thorstad playing the banjo

Amanda Thorstad

Instruments Amanda Thorstad Teaches:

About Amanda Thorstad

Amanda Thorstad is rooted in both classical and folk music traditions deeply. She grew up immersed in piano lessons and school band & orchestra programs, culminating in a Bachelor of Arts degree in music from St. Olaf College.
After purchasing a banjo on a whim, she took a deep dive into old-time & bluegrass music and hasn’t looked back. Amanda developed expertise in clawhammer banjo, fiddle, and guitar, as well as the historic string band traditions of the United States. She is particularly keen on the old dance tunes of the Southeastern and Upper Midwest regions.
In keeping with the folk tradition, Amanda emphasizes playing by ear, embodying rhythm, and tuned-based learning. Students will be equipped with genre-specific idioms and skills for excelling at bluegrass & old-time jams.

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