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Bailey Kercheval

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About Bailey Kercheval

Bailey Kercheval began his journey teaching drums and percussion during college, when he took on work assisting high school drumlines with their competition seasons for marching band. Shortly after, he made the initial switch to one on one lessons and instruction. Bailey’s main focus is personalization when it comes to the design of how to teach a student. Respecting that everyone learns differently and wishes to focus on their own passions in music, Bailey enjoys creating a custom curriculum geared towards helping all new and experienced musicians find a segue into musical and performance breakthroughs they may not have realized existed.

With an educational background in music education and sociology, Bailey has had the privilege and pleasure of working with people who have had a broad range of disabilities ranging from physical to intellectually. Previously running the Vocational Day Program at the Arc of Washington County, he shifted his career path to focus on his passion for music education and business, while still showing support for the disabled community.

Bailey has over nine years of teaching experience, and has also had several years of live music and touring experiences with many bands ranging in a variety of genres. Bailey specializes in rock/fusion drumming, as well as funk grooves, double bass pedal technique, swing, and rudimentary advancement. Arrange a meet and greet with him today to get started on you or your family’s musical journey!

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