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Christopher Probst

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With a long and somewhat varied musical background through travels originating in Maryland, extending to the west coast and back again, I changed careers mid-life because I no longer felt I could do anything but music. I have played the piano for thirty-seven years, having competed in local programs as well as at Peabody Conservatory and other state competitions; and it was upon my return to college at Temple University and subsequent graduation with a Bachelor’s of Science in Music in May of 2021 when I truly understood that everyone can make music, everyone has a place.

I am now on a mission to instill that musical passion in any willing student of piano, voice or theory. With emphasis on technique, goal-achievement and enjoyment, I focus on traditional standards to create a strong foundation alongside contemporary ideas in learning methods to ingrain music in heart and mind. This means experience with a range from Bach to Disney, from Hanon to Faber, from reading to understanding to creating your own music, and ultimately, to sharing your music with others.

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