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Courtney Clevenger

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About Courtney Clevenger

Courtney Clevenger is a certified music educator who has been teaching in the area for five years, with an emphasis in brass, piano, special needs, and beginner students. She is a full time teacher at Spring Mills Primary in Berkeley County WV, grades ranging from kindergarten to second grade. With almost five hundred students enrolled, she is accustomed to a wide variety of learning styles. Courtney has great patience and experience with young learners and those who may need special accommodations. She has strength in building a foundation of music in young students, but also has experience teaching middle school, high school, and adult students.

Prior to Spring Mills, Courtney was the middle and high school band director for Grant County Schools. She was responsible for overseeing the jazz, marching, pep, concert, and beginner bands. Courtney is also the Associate Director of the Williamsport Community Band, and Director of the Williamsport Jazz Band.

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