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Dillon Baird

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About Dillon Baird

Specializing in beginner and intermediate students, Dillon has been a private drum/percussion and guitar instructor for 5 years. During his time studying music at Frederick Community College under Anita Thomas and Greg Herron from 2010-2012, he was an active session drummer at Berklee College Of Music. As years followed, you have heard Dillon perform with local acts such as Fuzzy Match, The Averist, Lost keys, and Half Heard Voices; Finding his sound in rock/metal, his inspiration primarily stems from funk, R&B, gospel, and cinemascore.

While music education and performance is Dillon’s career, the path of enlightening others is what continues to inspire him and his students today; “Music happens to be the perfect window to look through and find that inspiration.” Previous endeavors include teaching phlebotomy at Frederick Memorial Hospital, snowboard instruction at Liberty Mountain, and hosting online photography classes.

What to expect from Dillon’s lessons? It doesn’t matter if it’s your first time picking up drumsticks, or pushing your skills to the next level. Each lesson is tailored to all walks of experience. His vision is to build students with the confidence and knowledge to share their music with the world, let it be at open mics, recitals, or under the lights of a professional venue setting. You will explore…

  • Technique
  • Confidence/Discipline
  • Repertoire
  • Improvisation
  • Rudiments and Scales
  • Double bass
  • Finding your “sound”
  • Composition/Self production

“I realized that music doesn’t owe us anything. All music has ever wanted to do was to make us happy!”

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