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About Jeff Fleming

Jeff Fleming has been playing guitar since 1967. He actually studied piano with Evelyn Garvey, a professor for the University of Maryland for two years before switching to guitar. He has played and recorded his guitars in rock, jazz, and praise bands throughout all of these years. He studied jazz guitar with Frank Mullen at Sophecles Pappa’s guitar shop in Washington DC. In 1969 and 1973 he studied music theory and music education at Howard and Montgomery Colleges, pursuing a bachelor’s degree in music education while also taking classical guitar lessons from Ainnah (Hank) Bryant, himself a student of Andre Segovia.
Jeff has taught hundreds of students to play guitar since 1976, many of whom have gone on to great schools and colleges majoring in music and have made music their career choice. Many have played in bands throughout their lives and some have traveled throughout the country and world playing music. Some have continued their musical careers closer to their homes playing, teaching and recording their own music as well.
Many of Jeff’s family members are also accomplished musicians. His brother is a college professor and plays regularly in his own jazz quartet. His son and his son-in-law are also both fine guitarists and teach guitar in music schools in Baltimore and Fairfax Va. Jeff also has five nephews who play professionally in New York, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Baltimore and even one who plays on cruise ships traveling the world. Jeff’s musical influences include hundreds of world class musicians from all types and  musical genres.

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