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Lana Borisova

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About Lana Borisova

Lana has been playing piano since she was 6 years old. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in Music from Turkmen State Music College and a Master of Arts degree in Music from Turkmen National Conservatory.

Lana is passionate about musical education. And she believes in the benefits of music study for all people, regardless of age and level. She thinks that piano study develops not only a lifelong appreciation and love for music, but also important life skills – including creativity, concentration, dedication, and perseverance. Additionally, from her perspective, music is an amazing universal language with which one can communicate across cultural and linguistic boundaries. Hence, she made teaching students to read, write and express themselves artistically in this language her job.

According to her, no one student is the same, they approach music differently and their goals are different. She wants to meet them where they are and provide for their needs and wants.

Lana’s preferred piano method is Piano Adventures by Fabers, and she recommends using the Lesson, Theory, Technique and Artistry, and Performance books as well as Sightreading book at each level. However, if a student has a different preference, she can work with it as well.

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