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Lauren Karcher

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About Lauren Karcher

Lauren Karcher’s love for music began when she started playing the guitar at eight years old.
She enjoys playing all genres of music but focuses on classical, jazz, and rock in her studies
and performance. Lauren graduated class of 2018 at Barbara Ingram School for the Arts, where
she studied classical guitar, and graduated in 2022 from Towson University with a Bachelor of
Music. At Towson, she majored in music performance and studied classical guitar, jazz guitar,
music theory, and music education. Lauren has so far written, recorded, and performed in
psychedelic and indie rock groups, jazz bands, wedding cover bands, and as a solo classical

Lauren first taught private lessons on guitar and ukulele while in high school and has gone on
to teach group lessons and lead ensembles. She believes that the key to music education is
fostering students’ love and excitement for music. Lauren always ensures that students have a
good time and feel confident about their work. She also encourages students to
play music with others and gives them the tools needed to jam with others and join bands and
ensembles. Ultimately, Lauren strives to create a positive environment for students to learn new
skills, play tunes they enjoy, and explore their love for music!

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