Luke Turner Vocal Piano and Trumpet Instructor

Luke Turner

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About Luke Turner

My name is Luke Turner, since I was young, I always loved music and was drawn to it. From island steel drums to chamber orchestras, it has been my passion for over a decade and a half.

I began performing with the Roanoke College Children’s Choir and Dr. Rudolph’s School of Music and began other stylings of music by participating in theatre, lessons, and other extracurriculars which taught me the foundation and different techniques in each instrument. I have played for weddings and funerals, and currently serve as a music minister at Afresh Church and help group bands at The Rock Room led by Phil Zuckerman.

I used to teach private lessons at Diversity Camp where I was a counselor and taught at the Maryland Institute of Music as a Piano and Voice teacher since 2015. I love and am so thankful to be able to share my love of music with others, and want to help them achieve their goals in music while having fun.”

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