Madelyn Hall - Piano and Voice Instructor

Madelyn Hall

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About Madelyn Hall

Madelyn Hall is an experienced teacher, vocalist, songwriter, pianist, and guitarist. She graduated from Berklee College of Music with a bachelor’s degree in Music Therapy. Madelyn has spent many years in education, and has an extensive knowledge of music theory, ear training, songwriting, stage performance, music business, and piano/vocal/guitar technique.

With a background in music therapy and music education, Madelyn has had the opportunity to work in establishments such as Boston Children’s Hospital and Berklee College of Music. She has worked with all ages and skill levels. Her lesson plans are geared specifically to the students needs and the type of musician they want to become. You can expect to learn everything from music theory, notation, and ear training to songwriting and stage presence. Madelyn is very interested in learning about her students favorite artists and songs, and loves to incorporate that into her lesson plans.

Madelyn believes in understanding your instrument and music theory in a way that you can play with other musicians with ease. Whether you are looking to be a solo artist, play with a band, or just learn for fun – your lessons will cover everything you need to be a confident musician.

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