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I am Michael aka “Ponyboy” Joyce, and I have been a music educator in the DC area for nearly 20 years providing quality lessons on the guitar, bass, ukulele, slide guitar, and drums. I studied at La Inter-Americana University in Puerto Rico and with various local instructors in the DC area. I have performed with the likes of Ron Holloway, Mary Lankford, Bushmaster,  Plaid the Buffalo, and many more. I gear my lessons to each student’s needs and personal styles. Every personality learns in its own way and I make it a priority to get my lessons across in ways that are familiar to the student. In my lessons, students learn note reading, technique, writing, ear training, interpretation, and, as a singer-songwriter, I often provide training that helps people take the stage, or better their stage practices. Last, if you have high anxiety about starting to play or playing performances, I’m very good at guiding my students to a place of comfort and confidence. If you are interested in a meet and greet, please contact the Sloan staff at Urbana and they can assist you.
Absence/Makeup Policy: No makeups for same day cancellations unless notified before 12 pm. No more than 2 makeup credits can be accrued in a 90 day period and they expire after 90 days.

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