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Audio recording skills are critically important for musicians and producers alike. As recording technology becomes more readily available, industry professionals expect performers to have an active working knowledge of recording technology and setups. Whether you are interested in recording a few songs or producing a full album, Sloan School of Music can help you learn the in and outs of the recording process, so you can be sure to get the sound you’re looking for.


Interested in learning the ins and outs of audio recording, but don’t have the tech at home? Our mission is to make tech-related skills available to everyone, whether you have a home setup or not. Our new Yamaha TF1 digital console is available to help you learn about audio recording methods and equipment with the help of our knowledgeable and experienced instructors. 

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Electrical Acoustic Principles

Although it may seem like a simple process, audio recording is extremely complex and requires in-depth knowledge of sound waves, audio mixing, equipment placement, electrical current flow, and acoustic technology to ensure that you get the perfect sound. To move forward with a successful recording project or set up your own studio, you will have to learn performance techniques and acoustics related specifically to recording within certain spaces. In addition, you must have an in-depth understanding of the technical aspects of electrical transmission of audio signals and the ways that they can be manipulated to produce the sound you want. You can find both analog and digital systems on the market with varying degrees of complexity, and different systems work well for different types of recording.

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Sound Technology and Equipment

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To ensure that you are capable of using the best equipment for your project, a fundamental understanding of the basics of acoustic and audio technology will go a long way toward helping you create a successful recording. In our Audio Recording courses, you learn how to operate the technology necessary for professional-grade recording from home, professional studios, and live settings. Your instructor will help you trace the source of audio through the system, so you can understand the flow of audio signals and ways to manipulate sound quality through both digital and analog consoles.

Professional Recording Quality

Sloan’s Audio Recording program will help you learn where to place recording equipment and how to perform with both instruments and voice in a recording studio. They will offer thorough guidance for operating recording equipment, as well as understanding equipment specifications and limitations. You will learn how to follow audio signals through the system to troubleshoot issues, and apply your knowledge of electrical sound movement to ensure adequate sound levels. Upon completion, you should be able to record, mix, produce, and distribute a professional grade recording to showcase your performance abilities. 

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Superior Audio Recording Program

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At Sloan School of Music, we are dedicated to providing our students with the knowledge and hands-on experience they need to express themselves artistically. Our Audio Recording program is specially designed to help students at all levels of experience learn everything they need to know to successfully create a recording or set up a basic recording studio for multiple projects. To learn more about our Audio Recording program, contact us today!

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