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man playing drums

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May 29th we will be hosting a very large outdoor live music/food truck event. Mark it down, swing by, win gear, drink beer, rock out ALL DAY 11-4pm!

Friendly reminder that we will be closed tomorrow, happy Easter!

To kick off pedal month, here's a little announcement #strymondealer

Remember how in Feb it was tube amps? Well in March it will be pedals! Come into the store this month and try any pedal to get added to our list that we will draw from next month. Winner will get a SSoM gift card!

It has been a great week for eyecatching gear! Check out these Fender Affinity colors. Which is your favorite, the tele in competition orange, or the strat in race green? #fender #fenderguitars #fenderaffinity #affinitystrat #affinitytele #racegreentele #competitionorangestrat

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