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Music gives us a direct way to communicate our emotions, bypassing words and logic, which can slow us down. Playing piano helps students tap into the universal language of music that everyone can hear and feel. A student who learns how to play piano has potential to keep learning new things, appreciating different kinds of music, and experimenting with other creative abilities he or she might have. Embarking on a piano-playing adventure could be the beginning of an amazing life that includes music and extends beyond to other enterprises.


Interested in taking piano lessons? Sloan School of Music has instructors for all skill levels. Check out our instructors below, and be sure to schedule a lesson when you find one that you click with.

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The Piano is Good for Beginners

If you or your child wants to begin music lessons, but you don’t know where to start, consider beginning with the piano. In piano lessons, you:

Private Piano Lessons Open a World of Possibilities

Whether you are 5 or 85, private piano lessons at SSoM can open up opportunities you never dreamed of before. Touching a piano key is a simple thing for a finger to do. When you learn how to read music notes and apply that knowledge to the piano, the simple act of touching a piano key transforms into a beautiful method of communication.

You can play piano for yourself, as a form of music therapy. Music allows you to release emotions, process difficult experiences, and express things you can’t express any other way.

You can also play piano for other people, building community and expressing yourself to others. It helps you develop social skills as well as communication skills that extend beyond the keyboard. We encourage our students to make a positive impact on our community with their piano playing skills. This can be done through recitals, virtual showcases of your skill, and playing for a group wherever you are. Eventually, when your skills improve, you can play for organizations and at special events. Pianos are common instruments to accompany singers, and you may find that you enjoy singing while you play.

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When you learn to play piano, you open yourself to the world of music. During your lessons, you will be exposed to many genres of music, from classical to contemporary. Some of the music will be from different cultures, and you will learn to hear how different groups of people express themselves musically. This world of music begins while you are sitting at the piano, and it opens up into other areas of your life, even long after you are finished with your lessons.


Our piano instructors expertly instruct you in piano playing skills that will help develop your coordination, fine motor skills, listening skills, concentration, self-discipline, and much more. Piano lessons build a musical foundation that you can grow from in infinite directions. Sloan School of Music offers private piano lessons, virtually and in-person, seven days a week.

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