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Learning to play a string instrument is like learning to speak music in a pure language. At Sloan School of Music, we teach violin, viola, and cello. The skills necessary for playing these instruments can at first seem daunting, but with time and much practice, the student becomes proficient.


Interested in taking up the violin or the cello? Or perhaps you’re more curious about the viola or double bass.  Whatever your goals, Sloan School of Music has instructors for all skill levels. Check out our instructors below, and schedule a lesson with the one that suits your needs.

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Why Play Violin, Viola, or Cello?

How do you choose which instrument to learn? String instruments are not the easiest choice for beginners, but many students do decide to begin with them. Part of the choice comes from personal passion. If you love the sounds that come from a cello, then you naturally want to make those sounds yourself. There are other benefits of learning to play string instruments, including:

strings bring a sense of peace

Of all the types of instruments, the beautiful sounds coming from the string instruments evoke feelings of peace and tranquility. While it is true that behind one perfectly played song are hours of practice, we desire to give our students the satisfaction of playing their instrument for their own personal benefit. Playing music reduces stress, anxiety, and depression. It provides an outlet for creative expression. The therapeutic benefits of playing an instrument are being scientifically studied more and more, and the results are amazing.
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Build Community When You Play

strings orchestra

We believe in giving our students opportunities to perform for others. Our students may enjoy the pleasure of performing in a recital at the Sloan School of Music. One of our lesson instructors teaches a string ensemble. Other performance opportunities often arise, and we help our students prepare for these, so they can enjoy success and making a community of people happy with their music. We offer private lessons online, and we also offer group lessons. We want each student to play well individually, and also be able to blend their sounds with the voices of other instruments.

Play for the Love of Music

Most of all, we teach our students to play their instruments for the love of the music. All ages and skill levels can enjoy a good tune. Our experienced instructors teach different genres of music, incorporating classical, folk, jazz, and popular music. We believe it is important to immerse yourself in all types of music so you can appreciate it when you play it and when you hear it.

Music is a world of its own, and we want to open this world to each student who enrolls in our school. We try to make it fun, but we also are serious about laying a firm foundation of technique. When a student can play technically well, he or she is ready to use the technique to create personal expression through the instrument. We love to see that look of pride on the students’ faces when they know they have played their best.

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