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Hone Your Singing Skills

Can you sing? While some people seem to have natural ability to sing, singing well is a skill that takes practice. Sloan School of Music offers voice lessons from expert music instructors who take singing seriously in fun and creative ways. Sharpening your singing skills is more than learning how to carry a tune. Voice lessons are a portal to all sorts of skills and benefits, from music literacy to learning how to breathe well.


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Your voice is your personal, portable musical instrument. It’s always with you, wherever you go. Taking voice lessons gives your voice freedom to express itself beautifully. Take a look at a few other benefits of voice lessons:

The Universal Appeal of a Good Singing Voice

In this era of videos and entertainment, we hear many voices throughout our day. Some voices stand out as being stronger, more pure, more focused. Taking voice lessons helps hone your voice into a well-oiled instrument that will make people stop and listen. This is a valuable asset to anyone who has a message or a desire to be heard. 

While there are many personal reasons to pursue voice lessons, we encourage our students to use their voice for the betterment of the community. Sloan School of Music strives to give our voice students opportunities to sing in public. We collaborate with a local theater organization, organize musical performances, and put together bands and master classes for our students. Private voice lessons can be booked virtually or in-person. 

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Develop Your Creativity

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Any type of music lessons will help you develop a more intelligent and creative brain. Why? Music provides a structure for artistic tendencies to build on. Singing, in particular, is a talent you can develop and fine tune throughout your life no matter where you live or what your life situation is. You don’t need a piano, a guitar, or a microphone. You can sing in the shower, in the park, in your car, or in a church.

Voice lessons teach you skills that you can use throughout your life to practice your singing talent. Our instructors will teach you elements of music theory, how to sing the scales, and how to find the right notes. The technical aspects of voice lessons give wing to the creative aspects that will enrich your life and the lives of those around you.

Give Voice to Your Feelings

One of the wonders of music is the way we can feel the emotions of a songwriter even if that person is no longer with us. The emotions transfer through the voices of singers today, singers just like you. In addition to being the medium through which past songwriters speak, you are also your own voice. Your voice carries your own feelings, which are expressed not only through words, but through the way you sing them. Voice lessons give you access to this powerful communication tool that can be expressed to anyone and everyone, no matter their language or culture. 

Can you sing? That’s wonderful. Let’s hear you, and we’ll help you sing your very best.

person singing and playing guitar outside