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Learn The Woodwind Instrument of Your Choice

If you already play a woodwind instrument, or you want to begin playing one, the Sloan School of Music has everything you need to learn musical skills and succeed at woodwinds! Currently, we offer lessons for saxophone, clarinet, and flute. Our experienced instructors understand the passion for creating music with a woodwind instrument. They understand how to teach students of all ages and experience levels. Plus, all students are encouraged to perform publicly in recitals or ensembles.


Interested in taking up a woodwind instrument? From the clarinet to the oboe, Sloan School of Music has instructors for all skill levels. Check out our instructors below, and schedule a lesson when you find one that works for you.

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Why Play a Woodwind Instrument?

Let’s break this down for you. Each instrument is unique and has its own special charm.


The saxophone makes warm sounds that seem to come from the musician’s soul. Once you know the technique of playing a sax, you can make it play emotions from cheerful to bluesy. Saxophones blend in well with other instruments, but they also make amazing solos. People love to hear a saxophone being played well. You will get plenty of opportunity to play in groups and in public, adding a new social aspect to your life. With patience and perseverance, you can learn to play the saxophone.

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person playing clarinet


The clarinet is a great beginner instrument. It doesn’t cost much, it’s easy to hold, and it is portable. The fingerings on a clarinet are fairly simple to learn. Also, the clarinet is a versatile instrument. It can be used in different types of music, such as jazz, classical, marching band, and popular. It’s an essential instrument in many bands, and it’s nice to have other clarinets in the group to play with you.


The flute is another small, portable instrument that many beginners prefer over other instruments. Although it is a small instrument, it allows you to play sweet, yet powerful music. Some students love the flute because it does not seem as intimidating as other instruments. We love it because it plays music that comes from all over the world. It is an old instrument, and many cultures past and present wrote music for the flute. A flutist usually has many opportunities to perform. Want to know another fun fact about the flute? The breathing and posture required to play a flute actually helps you become a better person!

person playing the flute

What Do You Learn from Woodwind Lessons?

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As with all instruments, learning to play a woodwind involves learning to read music and developing technique. Because woodwinds require you to breathe into them, students also learn something called embouchure, or the way the player applies their mouth to the instrument.

Learning to play a woodwind is an exciting experience, and mastering the instrument is a lifelong achievement. While you are patiently practicing and improving your woodwind skills, you are also giving yourself valuable life lessons that will benefit you in academics and the workforce. 

All of our woodwind instructors hope to reflect onto their students a love for the instrument and the music it makes. While teaching musical technique, we also want to encourage joyful playing. Music comes from the heart, and we love to hear it as much as we love to play it ourselves.