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Discover the earth-shattering thrills and true-to-form sound of Pacific Drums and Percussion products, a progressive drum brand that manufactures products for professional musicians and anyone else who appreciates quality sound. Specializing in drum pedals, snare drums, and a variety of versatile hardware, the player-friendly features of PDP products have made the company an industry mainstay selected by superstar artists and beginning musicians alike. Sloan School of Music carries several of the most popular PDP products, including some gear that has been praised by world-class drummers.

About Pacific Drums and Percussion

Pacific Drums and Percussion was founded in 1999 by Drum Workshop, Inc. The company’s focus is on creating products such as drum pedals and hardware that feature user-friendly controls and top-of-the-line quality. From the very beginning, PDP was designed to appeal to musicians of all ages and skill levels, and has expanded to include full drum sets, accessories, replacement parts, and drumwear. It is endorsed by many professional musicians, including Chad Smith of Red Hot Chili Peppers and Daru Jones, a world-class drummer who has received acclaim for his work with stars like Jack White and Doug Wimbish. 

These days, Pacific Drums and Percussion is a brand that is not only embraced by musicians and industry power players, but by those who teach music as well. Many top universities and music schools have turned to PDP products to aid in training the next generation of music lovers. No matter where you are in your musical journey, PDP can help you to reach your goals.

PDP Products in the Sloan School of Music Store

A music store, instrument retailer, and lesson facility in the heart of Maryland, Sloan School of Music has become a mainstay in the community. Our store offers a wide variety of instruments and gear for music lovers of all ages and skill levels, including several PDP products. Shop in person or online when you are ready to add any of the following PDP pieces to your collection, and our expert staff will be happy to work with you to find the perfect addition to your kit.

PDP Chad Smith Signature Snare Drum

This fabulous range of snare drums was designed with personal input from drum legend Chad Smith. Smith began working with PDP as an endorser in 2016, and the pair has since unveiled several incredible collaborations for working musicians. This snare drum comes in three sizes, and features a unique sound, player-friendly features, and seamless acrylic shells. Triple-flanged hoops and a commemorative Affinity Star signature badge on the shell provide the perfect finish for this professionally-made, stunning snare drum.

PDP Concept Maple Shell Pack 5 Piece Satin Tobacco Burst

If a classic look is your goal, the PDP Concept Maple Shell Pack Drum Kit in Tobacco Burst is just the ticket. With a smooth, stunning color palette and a sound that is best described as warm and deep, this kit is the perfect addition to any collection. High-end features like proportionate counter hoops and a durable lacquer finish will keep you rocking for years to come.

The PDP Concept Maple Shell Pack is also fully customizable, enabling you to add or enhance different elements to create your own unique look. This kit suits every musical style, too, making it the ideal option for musicians who play in all genres, from rock to blues and even country. 

PDP Concept Series Direct DriveDouble Pedal with Extend Footboard

PDP brings the heat once again with the PDP Concept Series Direct DriveDouble Pedal with Extend Footboard. Brushed aluminum footboards offer a super-smooth surface with a thumbscrew side-adjust offset hoop clamp for perfect placement, meaning this piece of gear is top-of-the-line but priced so any drummer can add it to their kit. The DW Style Spring Rocker Adjustment and the Concept XF Direct Drive work together to allow for a responsive feel, while a built-in key clip ensures maximum sound quality and versatility. The PDP Concept Series Direct DriveDouble Pedal with Extend Footboard is a fantastic option for any set up.

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Boutique-inspired and progressive, Pacific Drums and Percussion is a brand that believes in crafting high-quality products for an affordable price. The company feels every musician should have access to great instruments and gear, and has soldiered ahead with that mission in mind to create various new products in recent years. Whether you are a touring pro who is preparing to rock the stadiums or a student who has just started to explore your passion for drumming, you are bound to find something that speaks to you within the PDP family.

If you are ready to learn more about Pacific Drums and Percussion, or want to pick out the piece of gear that is perfect for your needs, get in touch with Sloan School of Music. Our trained professionals are on hand to answer any questions that you might have, plus help you sign up for music lessons to take your music to the next level. Contact us today!