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Whether you’re looking for a simple boost or some wild distortion, these pedals will not disappoint. Sloan is proud to offer Snake Oil Fine Instrument pedal models for our students and customers at every level, from beginners to professional performers.  

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The combination of quality sound manipulation and easy-to-use controls is the hallmark of a good quality effects pedal, and  Snake Oil Fine Instruments guitar pedals offer all of this and more. The brand’s state-of-the-art models are designed and manufactured with the signature excellence characteristic of its parent company, Chapman Guitars.

Snake Oil Fine Instruments is the brainchild of Rob Chapman and Lee Anderton, the founders of Chapman Guitars. It was created in 2019 following a listener’s accusation that the men were acting as “snake oil salesmen” while giving advice and product recommendations on their YouTube channel. Rather than taking offense, Chapman and Anderton owned the label, adopted the term, and used it to develop their own line of superior guitar pedals under the name Snake Oil Fine Instruments. 

Snake Oil’s pedals — “The Very Thing” and “The Marvellous Engine” — capitalize on the grandstanding style and exaggerations common in 1800s advertisements, complete with outlandish claims and a rustic wild west font. Their singular and striking bronze and pewter exteriors are accentuated by stamped characters declaring each instrument “Cures All Known Bad Tone” in keeping with the snake oil peddler’s tradition. 

While the product appearance certainly takes center stage, you’ll find the sound quality, tone, and wide variety of effects meets the highest standards set by the Chapman brand. The controls are intuitive and easy to use, with clear labels and hammered metal knobs for simple adjustability. Best of all, these pedals are accessible to beginners as well as seasoned players — without compromising sound quality or effects.

Snake Oil Products at Sloan School of Music

Sloan School of Music is pleased to carry the full line of Snake Oil Fine Instrument pedals, including “The Very Thing” and “The Marvellous Engine” for customers at all levels of skill and musical development. The exceptional quality and striking design of Snake Oil is consistent with our mission to ensure our customers have the best instruments and professional instruction in the industry. 

Snake Oil "The Very Thing" Boost Pedal


The eye-catching pewter with copper accents design of The Very Thing is surpassed only by its excellent performance. This high-quality overdrive pedal features gain, volume, and tone controls that are easy to access and highly responsive. A powerful onboard 4558 dual op-amp offers a smooth, symmetrical clip while giving your sound an outstanding treble and mid-range boost. You can depend on The Very Thing to provide a clear, natural boost for your solo runs. The product is made in the United Kingdom.

Snake Oil "The Marvelous Engine" Distortion Pedal

marvellous engine pedal


The Marvellous Engine distortion pedal features an eye-catching copper finish with burnished copper accents and embossed letters in the style of 1800s product advertisements and displays. It offers exceptional versatility and incorporates two clipping stages, four controls, and the unique addition of a voice control knob for an added kick to your sound. You can rely on it to provide just the right amount of distortion across your instrument’s full range, with augmentation and movement in the mid-range that will add a bit more oomph to your riffs. Used alone or as an enhancement to your standard pedal setup, The Marvelous Engine is the perfect addition to your instrument collection. The product is made in the United Kingdom.

Let Snake Oil Fine Instruments and Sloan Help You Reach Your Goals

At Sloan School of Music, we work hard to ensure our students and customers have the best quality instruments and education to reach their musical goals. We thoroughly vet all our instruments to ensure they enhance the customer’s experience and deepen their joy of music. With Snake Oil Fine Instruments brand, you get the well-known quality of the Chapman Guitar name wrapped in a one-of-a-kind design. Whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned veteran player, Snake Oil’s singular pedals will help you take your practice and performances to new heights. 

Contact Sloan School of Music to learn more about our selection of Snake Oil Fine Instruments or to sign up for lessons with our team of experienced performers and instructors. We look forward to helping you make your musical dreams a reality!