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If you’re looking for trendy, high quality guitars and basses at a reasonable price, check out Squier Guitars, a subsidiary brand of guitar giant Fender. Squier’s products feature the excellent construction and materials characteristic of Fender at a much lower cost, but the company has also established itself as one of the world’s most popular guitar brands in its own right.

squier guitars

Established in the 1960s as Fender’s string supplier, Squier became the former’s saving grace in the 1980s when it was struggling with poor manufacturing quality and stiff competition from knockoff brands out of Japan. Fender needed to boost its reputation as a quality manufacturer while offering a competitively priced option consistent with those standards. That’s where Squier came in.  

More About Squier Origins and Brand

The brand operated under the Fender umbrella, but Squier also had the freedom to create its own instrument lines. It combined the tried-and-true classic Fender designs with unique features and affordable prices that appealed to a wider group of musicians, and has since only grown in popularity.

With Squier guitars and basses, players get exceptional quality and economical pricing on a variety of unique instruments ideal for beginners and experienced guitarists alike. Its versatile selection of design features mean there’s a Squier guitar to meet every musician’s needs. Sloan School of Music is pleased to offer an extensive selection of Squier guitar products.

Squier Products in the Sloan School of Music Store

In keeping with our commitment to quality, Sloan maintains a stock of accessible, affordable instruments that exhibit the excellence you can only find in a Squier. Some of our most popular products include:

Squier Contemporary Stratocaster Double Humbucker Guitar

Squier’s Contemporary Stratocaster HH guitar with a maple neck and gorgeous pearl white accents features classic beauty with modern improvements. The double cutaway design offers easy access to the upper frets, so you can break out your favorite runs with ease. With a narrow 22-fret, 25.5″ scale maple fingerboard, you have smooth access all the way down to the tremolo bridge with 2-point fulcrum. It also features:

  • Ceramic double-humbucker pickups
  • Slender C-shaped maple neck
  • 12-inch fingerboard radius
  • 22 narrow, accessible frets
  • Double cutaway design
  • 25.5″ scale

The double humbucker design adds depth and versatility, resulting in an excellent instrument for both beginners and experienced players.

Squier Bullet Stratocaster HSS HT

For a more traditional feel, check out our Squier Bullet Stratocaster HSS HT with a striking brown sunburst accent on a basswood body designed to provide a sweet, balanced tone. The instrument’s narrow, 25.5″ C-shaped maple neck features an Indian laurel fingerboard that is easy to play, even for children and individuals with smaller hands. The guitar also features:

  • Narrow, C-shaped maple neck
  • 21-fret Indian laurel fingerboard
  • Single humbucker bridge pickup
  • Single-coil neck and middle pickups
  • Vintage style tremolo bridge
  • 25.5″ scale

The comfort of the Squier Bullet Stratocaster HSS HT is greatly enhanced by the single humbucker design that allows for a high degree of sound versatility. 

Squier Affinity Stratocaster

Available in stunning Race Red, the Squier Affinity Stratocaster is an ideal starter instrument, with a clean tone and smooth playability. User-friendly volume and tone let you adjust your sound with ease, while the maple fingerboard and 21 medium jumbo frets let you hit each note with confidence. It also features:

  • Slender C-shaped neck 
  • 21 medium jumbo frets
  • 3 single coil pickups
  • Vintage tremolo bridge

An affordable, top-quality guitar, the Squier Affinity Stratocaster is great for players at all levels for fast, easy playing that will make you sound like a pro!

Squier Contemporary Telecaster Double Humbucker

Another excellent modern design, the Squier Contemporary Telecaster Double Humbucker features a gorgeous pearl white body with a single rounded cutaway and a slender, C-shaped neck with an accessible 12-inch radius maple fingerboard. It also boasts:

  • Double chrome-plated ceramic humbuckers
  • Slim C-shaped maple neck
  • 12″ fingerboard radius

Jumbo frets let you find your tone with ease so you can nail those quick runs and screaming solos. The Contemporary Telecaster HH is a string-through design with dual high-gain humbuckers that offer a resonant, melodic sound that will make your lead guitar really stand out.

Shop Squier Products at Sloan School of Music

The Squier guitar brand is synonymous with excellence, and Sloan School of Music is pleased to offer a range of Squier basses and guitars that you’ll want to play every day. As seasoned instructors and performers, we know that having the right instrument makes all the difference. Our commitment to our students’ comfort and instruction quality extends to helping them find the perfect instrument at the right price. With Squier brand guitars, you get the best of both worlds: iconic Fender quality at a cost you can afford. 

At Sloan School of Music, our goal is to help you find your sound. Whether you want a simple, classic instrument or a more contemporary design that lets you showcase your shredding skills, there is a Squier design for you. Contact our expert musicians and instructors today for answers to your questions or to sign up for music lessons to make all your music dreams come true.