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Enoque Filho

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About Enoque Filho

Enoque Filho is originally from Brazil. The youngest of four children, he began taking piano lessons at the age of 12, from one of his sisters.

Since his teenage years, Enoque has been involved with many different styles of music, musical groups and churches, both as a pianist/organist, as well as a singer.

He earned a Bachelor of Music degree in 1996 from the School of Music and Fine Arts of Parana, in Curitiba, Brazil.  Enoque Filho moved to the United States in 2009. He has taught music since the age of 15.

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Jimmy Day
Jimmy Day
Piano Student
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"I’ve been taking piano lessons for a few months with Enoque and have been beyond exhilarated with my experience and progress so far. When my family came to visit a few weeks back, I played the piano for them and they were so excited and impressed at all I had learned in such a short amount of time! The Piano lessons are really starting to pay off thanks to the amazing instructors at this music store!"

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