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Kris Nigh

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About Kris Nigh

Kris Nigh has been playing trombone for close to 20 years, drum set for 15, and performing publicly for the past 13. He has played in multiple groups utilizing a variety of musical genres. Kris is also a composer with film credits on . Most notably he has played trombone in 80s cover band “The Reagan Years” and original Rock group “May Weather”. Kris currently plays drum set for soul cover band “East Coast Stroke” and Cornerstone Community Church. He has performed all over the east coast and has opened up for bands such as Big D and the Kids Table, I Prevail, and Ballyhoo.

Kris has two Bachelor’s Degrees from Shepherd University; one in music education and one in music with an emphasis on composition. While at Shepherd University he played trombone for his major instrument and percussion for his minor. Kris Djs weddings and private parties, and records and produces music in his home studio.

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