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Sloan School of Music carries a selection of the most popular Harmony products, created for any musician at any point in their musical journeys. Our team is happy to help you learn more about the brand’s mission and core products, plus discover the Harmony instrument that is just right for you. 

Guitar players who want to perfect their sound turn to brands that understand their specific needs, and Harmony has been going above and beyond to serve musicians of all ages and skill levels since 1892. The company crafts a wide variety of musical instruments, but is best known for its premium quality guitars. It prides itself on building connections and using music as a way to bridge barriers between people.

About Harmony Guitars

Harmony was founded by artisans who had true appreciation and understanding of what musicians need in an instrument. The company continued to grow and evolve over the next 100 years, crafting everything from guitars to ukuleles. Harmony was one of the most prolific instrument manufacturers in the world, and even produced more than any other company in existence up until the 1970s. 

That innovative spirit has remained strong in everyone who works with Harmony, from the people who handcraft its guitars to the executives in the boardroom. The brand’s mission is simple: to honor the past by creating classic instruments while always looking for ways to inspire and motivate future generations. 

Harmony Products in the Sloan School of Music Store

Sloan School of Music is a multi-purpose music store, instrument retailer, and lesson facility located in Hagerstown, Maryland, and we are proud to offer a variety of products for musicians of all proficiency levels. We carry many of the most popular brands in our storefront, including these premium product picks by Harmony.

Harmony Rebel Electric Guitar

Crafted using bold design principles and finished with classic nitrocellulose lacquer, the Harmony Rebel Electric Guitar is not only stunning to look at, but immaculate-sounding as well. This electric guitar embodies the heart and soul of rock and roll, and features: 

  • Premium tonewoods
  • Gold foil Alnico III humbuckers
  • A 3-way toggle. 

Its buttery-smooth response is proof of this guitar’s handcrafted origins, while the iconic Custom Cupcake knobs are a Harmony signature. No matter which genre of music you gravitate toward, the Harmony Rebel Electric Guitar can help your sound really soar.

Harmony Silhouette Electric Guitar

Featuring superb playability and balanced, full-bodied sound qualities, the Harmony Silhouette Electric Guitar is an original. Rock out with the “C” shape neck profile, which makes this instrument perfect for players of all skill levels. The Silhouette has a contoured body that makes it comfortable to carry around — whether you are on stage or in your home — and features signature pickups for crystal-clear tone. This versatile, eye-catching instrument is ideal for gifting, too, whether you choose to share the love with a close friend or to treat yourself to a guitar that is truly a piece of Harmony history. 

Harmony Jupiter Guitar

A Harmony original that is designed to work in any genre, the Jupiter Guitar is crafted from premium materials and features a Nitrocellulose lacquer finish, a classic “C” shape neck profile, and an overall elegance that ensures it looks great on any musician’s arm — beginners as well as seasoned show-business veterans. Always made in the USA, the Jupiter Guitar is one of Harmony’s most popular models. It is crafted from genuine mahogany, and the price point is affordable and accessible. 

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The Harmony brand has been around for more than a century, and it will only continue to grow and evolve with the music industry. Musicians across genres feel comfortable picking up a Harmony brand product, knowing the company values music and craftmanship above all else. You can’t go wrong with a Harmony product, and the experts at Sloan School of Music are ready to help you find the perfect fit for you.

If you have any questions about Harmony products, want to learn more about which Harmony guitar might be right for you, or are interested in signing up for music lessons with one of our professional instructors, contact Sloan School of Music today! Our team is always ready to help you go over each product’s features and benefits, ensuring you connect with the gear and training that is absolutely perfect for you and your needs.