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Danny Davis

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About Danny Davis

Danny Davis is a graduate of Peabody Conservatory of Music in Baltimore MD 1977 with a Performance Degree in Cello and Piano. A professional musician for over 54+ years, Danny is proficient with Cello, Piano/Keyboard, Guitars, Mandolin, Ukulele, Harmonica, and the Musical Saw. He has performed in every State but Alaska, including all the lower Provinces of Canada, Mexico, and most of the Islands. He is also the Music Director of 2 Churches, Choir Director and Contemporary Church Band Leader. Danny performed with Peabody Conservatory Orchestra, including Peabody Preparatory Orchestra, 1971 Congress of Strings at University of Cincinnati, and was Principal Cellist of the Potomac Symphony Orchestra. He also performed with the Baltimore Symphony Chorus in 1977.

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