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Jared Coffin

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About Jared Coffin

Jared Coffin is a drum instructor who specializes in helping beginner and intermediate students to play the basics at their absolute best, and inspiring advanced students to play with confidence and discover the freedom of improvisation. Most importantly, his goal is make sure you’re having fun on the drums!
He started playing rock drums in high school at age 13, and has 15 years of experience. He enjoys Rock, Rhythm & Blues, and even Country & Western music, to name a few genres. He was largely self taught for many years before learning to read drum music. He became a drum teacher soon after in 2018.
Jared has played with a number of local rock bands. He’s currently drumming for Rays Of Violet — Frederick’s finest Grateful Dead cover band! He’s also played and recorded with the prog-rock band A Shrewdness of Apes from Washington, D.C. as well as the alternative rock band Sunlit from Baltimore, M.D.

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