Nick Stamboulis

Nick Stamboulis

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About Nick Stamboulis

Having experienced a musical journey spanning 17 years across 4 different instruments (guitar, piano, drums, bass), Nick Stamboulis has consistently displayed his love for music. Alongside his own musical endeavors, he has been dedicated to teaching private lessons independently for nearly ten years. Nick’s educational foundation includes an Associate of Arts degree from Frederick Community College, where he learned classical guitar and music fundamentals while playing with the FCC jazz band on xylophone, guitar, and drums.

Furthering his education, Nick earned a Bachelor of Science in Music from Towson University, with a focus on piano technique and composition/music theory. Nick’s approach is characterized by amateur roots of ‘learning by ear,’ mixed with formal education for refining, explaining, and applying the possibilities of music and musical instruments. He also adds extra emphasis on providing positive feedback to students’ successes. Whether you are just beginning, looking to advance your skills, or seeking to refine your abilities, Nick will provide you with practical diligence yet lighthearted morale-boosting encouragement to the journey of musicianship.

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