Sloan School of Music instructor Stefan Sandman

Stefan Sandman

Instruments Stefan Sandman Teaches:

About Stefan Sandman

Stefan is a former student at Berklee College of Music where he studied Music Business/Marketing. Sandman favors the electric bass (4,5, and 6-string) as his principal instrument and can often be heard playing it with local acts Time Columns, Half Heard Voices, and Nightswim. While favoring rock, metal, and punk styles, Stefan also has a fondness for musical theater and production/engineering.
His lesson plan includes the following:

• repertoire
• ear training
• harmony/theory/analysis
• technique
• reading
• improvisation
• musicality and ‘feel’

* all these concepts will be tailored to age and skill-level.

“My goal as a music teacher is to help all my students develop a skill set that allows them to teach themselves while away from our lesson room. Whether a student is a beginner or a working musician looking to sharpen their skills, the same concept applies… learning through method produces faster and measurable results.”

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