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Lew Palladino is 67 years old and played his first band job when he was 14 and has played music full time ever since. He began taking lessons at the age of 8 with Odie Palmer (former member of Patsy’s Cline’s Band at one time) in Hagerstown, Maryland. He has been a mainstay in the area as a guitarist/performer and guitar instructor for over 40 years. Lew, along with Robert Tantillo ( Bassist) formed The Rhythm Kings around 1992 and is still playing regularly in Maryland and the tristate area. Lew Palladino and The Rhythm kings have opened up for artists such as Walter Trout and Joe Bonomassa. Lew has played with members of The Coaster and Platters as well as Sammy Kershaw. Not only has Lew had a successful career in performing but he has dedicated his life to teaching and giving the gift of music to students and his community. Lew has taught music in Maryland for over 40 years as well and has donated his time and talent for charities, events. etc.

Lew Palladino with the Rhythm Kings: The Rhythm Kings is a power trio specializing in Blues, Blues Rock and Funk formed in 1992. The Band features hot guitar playing by Lew supported by a tight and powerful rhythm sections. The Rhythm Kings’ playlist includes songs by such artist as Stevie Ray Vaughn, Eric Clapton, B.B. King, Gary Moore, Kenny Wayne Shepard, The Allman Brothers Band and other blues musicians. Lew and The Rhythm kings also perform a number of original tunes. Songs performed by the Lew and The Rhythm Kings have aired on WJEJ-AM and on the Blues Notes Show on WKMZ-FM, the band also played a live broadcast concert in the studios of WKMZ-FM. In November of 2002, Lew and The Rhythm kings released their “ Lou’s Blues” CD. Lew and The Rhythm Kings have performed as part of the 1997, 1999, 2001, 2004, 2006, 2008, 2009 and 2016 Western Maryland Blues Festival. This festival at one time had become one of the top blues events in the United States and attracted crowds of around 10,000 blues lovers to downtown Hagerstown, Maryland. During the 2001 Western Maryland Blues Fest, Lew and The Rhythm Kings opened for Walter Trout and the Radicals. In 2004 they shared the stage with The Tom Principato Band and Mary Ann Redmond. As a part of the 2006 Western Maryland Blues Fest , Lew and the Rhythm Kings were part of concert that also included 2 Blue Ensemble, The Deb Callahan Band and Joe Bonnamassa. Music critic Fritzi Forte after hearing The Rhythm Kings performing live wrote “The Rhythm Kings lay down hot blues, they are capable of playing anywhere! Tim Rowland of the Herald Mail-Newspaper had this to say about the group “after you hear The Rhythm Kings you’ll remember them for a long time”. If you appreciate the music of guitarist Danny Gatton and Roy Buchannan, you will enjoy the playing of “Lightning” Lewis Palladino and the Rhythm kings.

Along with the accomplishments with Lew and the band, he has had a successful career as an individual guitarist. He performed in 2008 at the Maryland Theatre with The Coasters and The Platters and with Sammy Kershaw in Hagerstown, Maryland in the late ‘90s. He has been featured in publications to include The Hagerstown Magazine ,The Cracker Barrel Magazine and numerous articles in the Herald Mail Newspaper. When Billy Alexander (LA grammy nominated artist and producer) was asked about his musical influences he mentioned Lew Palladino and how much of an impact Lew had on him during his time taking guitar lessons from him. Lew was able to participate in a few lessons with Danny Gatton, renowned guitarist from the DC Metro Area.

Lew’s guitar teaching career began in 1974 and he is still presently teaching. He taught guitar lessons at local Maryland music stores to include Machen Music and Carpenter’s World of Music in Hagerstown, Maryland. In 1993 he was recruited to teach guitar at St. James Boarding School which is a premiere private school in Maryland. Lew taught at St. James School for over a decade. Lew has taught and influenced hundreds of children , adults and other members of the community with his love for music and his talents.

Lew currently is playing in a musical duo The Howlers featuring Todd Haines as well as The Rhythm Kings.

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