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From rock and metal bands to classical and jazz, guitars have become ubiquitous in nearly every genre of music. The ability to pick up your guitar and play whatever comes to mind is a heady feeling. Although guitar players may make it look easy, getting to that point takes a lot of time and practice. At Sloan School of Music, we have the knowledge and resources necessary to help you realize your guitar-playing dreams. Whether you want to serenade your friends with some solo acoustics or shred some Jimi Hendrix covers with your local band, you need to have a good understanding of the basics.

Guitar Lesson Maryland Locations are Hagerstown & Urbana (Frederick) MD

(Virtual Lessons Available)


Early versions of the guitar called the “oud” and the “lute” both predate written history, and depictions of these instruments have been found from as far back as 3500 BCE. A brief overview of the facts:

  • These instruments spread through ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt, and they manifested themselves in Ancient Greece as the kithara. 
  • The word “guitar” comes from the Greek word “kithara,” in fact.
  • The Greek god of music, Apollo, was frequently depicted playing a guitar-like instrument, but credit for inventing the first guitar typically goes to his half-brother, Hermes, who made a kithara by pulling strings over a tortoise shell. 
  • Guitars have maintained this basic design for thousands of years. 
  • These ancient guitars featured a box-shaped body that worked as a resonator, a hollow arm extending from the resonator, and several strings for making music. 
  • The Greeks brought kitharas to the Romans, who eventually brought them to Europe, and around the same time, the Moors brought the oud to southern Spain. 
  • Musicians refined these instruments over the years by adding strings, changing the shape of the resonator, experimenting with different materials and adding moveable frets. 

Modern-day guitars take advantage of these design elements in different ways, and lovers of this stringed instrument can now choose from classical guitars, acoustic guitars, electric guitars, bass guitars, steel guitars, and more. They can also pick up cousins of this instrument, such as banjos and ukuleles.

Benefits of Taking Guitar Lessons

Guitar lessons offer a lot of benefits for players at all levels, from beginners to experts. They bring much more to students beyond refining their guitar-playing abilities, including:

Improved Memory

Guitar lessons help improve your memory, and people who play the guitar have less memory loss as they get older. Think of guitar lessons as a workout for your brain.

Better Concentration

You have to focus while taking guitar lessons, which can improve your concentration in other areas. 

Reduced Anxiety

People who play instruments often notice a decrease in anxiety. They release all kinds of emotions and often experience an elevated mood while playing.

Boosted Confidence

Setting and reaching goals during guitar lessons helps boost confidence. People who play the guitar often experience increased confidence as they work to improve their skills.

These are just a few of the benefits people experience when they take guitar lessons. Players of all ages often notice many other benefits, and they seem to increase the longer you play.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Guitar Lessons

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People who are interested in guitar lessons have a lot of different questions. We have put together a list of FAQs to help you decide if guitar lessons are right for you.

Who Should Take Guitar Lessons?

Anyone interested in learning more about the guitar should sign up for lessons. This includes people who have never picked up a guitar, but it also includes people who have been playing for years and want to hone their talent.

What Type of Guitar Is Best for Lessons?

The right type of guitar depends on the kind of music you want to play, but other details matter, such as the amount of weight you can hold. It’s wise to talk with an instructor or music store before choosing.

Where Are There Guitar Lessons in My Area?

The Sloan School of Music offers guitar lessons in two convenient locations. We have private and group guitar lessons at both our Hagerstown and Urbana locations, as well as online lessons.

What Do You Need to Start Guitar Lessons?

All you need to start guitar lessons is access to a guitar and the willingness to learn. Our locations have rooms for instruction and practice areas. You don’t need to be able to read music to get started.

We are happy to answer your questions about guitar lessons. Please contact us directly if you have additional questions about guitar lessons. 

Choosing your Guitar

Choosing your new guitar can be overwhelming if you don’t know where to begin, and we are here to help you make an informed choice as to what fits you at your place in your musical journey. We believe that helping people select the right equipment, instead of just more equipment, is what will lead to the most long-term happiness and enjoyment of music.

There’s no one right way to shop for an instrument, just like there’s no one right way to play it! Our team of musicians, teachers, and staff are experienced and here to listen to your musical needs. Always feel free to stop by at one of our locations!

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techniques and styles

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You can find a guitar in some variety in just about every style of music, in every continent around the world. It’s easier than ever now to get a high quality instrument that is affordable that will fit your style and taste.

From an educational perspective, information at our fingertips with the internet, combined with an experienced instructor to guide the way, makes learning the techniques and styles you want easier and more accessible than ever before.

down with the basics

Our instructors offer private lessons and group classes to give people a choice of various musical opportunities and experiences. We have carefully selected teachers who have a track record of success with students, combining both music fundamentals with performance opportunities and fun jam session type lessons to create a well-rounded music lesson experience for people of all skill levels.

Lesson time can always be tailored to the level of intensity a student needs and wants. For example, we have students who have stuck with a decade of lessons and gone on to college to study music on a scholarship, and we have folks who just like to come and make music of any form on a very casual level. Music is truly for everyone!

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Designed to InSPIRE

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Everything about Sloan School of Music is designed to excite, energize, and inspire people to enjoy music as much as we do! Lesson studios staffed by teachers who do this for a living and really want to add value to people’s lives.

Lesson studios stocked with modern gear for a great experience. A purpose built facility with double thick reinforced walls, a waiting area for families and guests, an audiophile grade sound system and projector for larger than life sound and feel, and gear from the world’s best manufacturers like Fender, PRS Guitars, and Yamaha, all combine for a sensory experience you won’t want to walk away from!

Locations for Guitar Lessons

Our Hagerstown and Urbana locations feature dedicated guitar instructors, private lesson rooms, performance spaces, recording studios, and retail stores. 

We also have spaces for multi-instrument band practices, and we provide band-based instruction for players who want to focus on playing in a group rather than on their own. We also offer virtual lessons for people who can’t get to these locations.

Personal Guitar Lessons

Why Take Guitar Lessons From the Sloan School of Music

The Sloan School of Music was founded in 2019. We are committed to providing the community with guitar lessons and other instruction from highly experienced instructors passionate about music. 

We offer both private lessons and band programs at our facilities, and our retail stores ensure that our students have access to the best guitars and accessories. Our selection is carefully curated by our teachers, who are also musicians, and we only stock instruments that we would want to play ourselves.

We also offer comfortable waiting rooms with Wi-Fi for families waiting for students and students waiting for their lessons to start.

Contact the Sloan School of Music

Contact us directly at the Sloan School of Music to learn more. We would love to answer your questions, connect you with an instructor, and help you learn more about guitar lessons in Maryland, located in Hagerstown and Frederick (Urbana), MD.


Interested in taking up the guitar? Or perhaps you’re a seasoned player looking to hone your craft. Either way, Sloan School of Music has instructors for all skill levels. Check out our instructors below, and be sure to schedule a lesson when you find one that suits your needs.

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Mike Joyce

I am Michael aka “Ponyboy” Joyce, and I have been a music educator in the DC area for nearly 20 years providing quality lessons on

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Instructor Logan Abernethy playing guitar.

Logan Abernethy

Logan Abernethy has been a full-time private lesson instructor for the past 7 years, specializing in Electric (6,7 String) and Bass Guitar (4,5 String). All

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Lauren Karcher guitar instructor

Lauren Karcher

Lauren Karcher’s love for music began when she started playing the guitar at eight years old.She enjoys playing all genres of music but focuses on

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Sam Bower

Sam Bower

Sam is a multi-faceted musician who studied Music Theory and Composition at Shepherd University. He teaches guitar, bass, and more! You can check Sam out

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Tyler Joyce music teacher

Tyler Joyce

Tyler Joyce is an experienced guitar instructor with over 10 years of teaching.  He studied music performance at Towson University for classical guitar and is

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Mike Haverty is a Guitar Instructor at Sloan School of Music

Mike Haverty

Mike Haverty has been a full-time guitar teacher since 2008. He is known as a patient and fun teacher who deeply enjoys working with students

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Sloan School of Music instructor Stefan Sandman

Stefan Sandman

Stefan is a former student at Berklee College of Music where he studied Music Business/Marketing. Sandman favors the electric bass (4,5, and 6-string) as his

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Anthony Sloan the music instructor playing guitar

Anthony Sloan

Along with his father, David Sloan, and Chief Operating Officer, Bailey Kercheval, Anthony Sloan is the President and Co-Founder of Sloan School of Music. Anthony

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derek kretzer playing guitar outside in nature

Derek Kretzer

Derek Kretzer is a multi-instrumentalist who studied jazz guitar performance at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. He has since become proficient on the

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