Mijail Salazar - Instructor at Sloan School of Music

Mijail Salazar

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About Mijail Salazar

Mijail Salazar was born in Guatemala City but grew up in Washington, D.C. in the 90’s where he took drum lessons from Luis Garay (Cordoba Symphony Orchestra.) The primary focus was Jazz and Latin percussion and some Rock music. Mijail would go on to pursue rock and metal music with his drumming. In 2004, he formed his own musical project, MIKHAIL which would serve to be a creative outlet. In 2005, Mijail was pianist/keyboard player for a rock cover band called, Deep Dreams. From 2010-2011, Mijail would be a part of Tzi Ming Yang’s Piano instruction class at Montgomery College in Rockville, Maryland. Since then Mijail has had experience with and used the tools he has acquired to be the foundation of his electric guitar playing and in more recent years, audio production (Pro Tools, Logic.)

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