Exploring the PRS SE Hollowbody II, A Guitar Lover’s Guide

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Did you know that PRS Guitars make both acoustic and electric guitars, with some of their guitars including the PRS SE Hollowbody II and the PRS Hollowbody II Piezo? Additionally, they sell accessories such as a floating guitar stand.

If you’ve been checking out PRS guitars recently, you might be curious about the PRS Core Hollowbody II Piezo model.

However, if you don’t know much about this guitar, this can be stressful. How do you know if it or another guitar is the right choice for you? You might also be feeling overwhelmed by how many options are out there.

Fortunately, in this article, we’ll review everything you need to know about the PRS Core Hollowbody II Piezo model. Finally, you can find the right guitar for you and start your journey to becoming a rockstar. Read on to learn more.

The History of the PRS Brand

PRS Guitars, short for Paul Reed Smith Guitars, was started by Paul Reed Smith. He had always had a passion for woodworking even as a young man. When he was in college, he ended up building a guitar for extra credit in a music class.

When he ended up earning an A for this project, he knew that creating guitars was something that was meant to be for him.

He spent endless nights, after that, brainstorming designs for different guitars he would make. Then, whenever he made guitars, he would test them out by trying them out.

Over time, he started going to gigs, where he would ask musicians he met to try out his guitars.

Eventually, his efforts transformed into the well-known company today that is PRS Guitars, selling guitars such as the PRS Hollowbody II and others.

The PRS Core Hollowbody II Piezo Model in Black Sunburst Custom Color

One of the best guitars you can buy from the PRS brand is the PRS Core Hollowbody II Piezo Model in the black sunburst custom color. Because it’s a hollowbody instrument, it has a tone that is resonant, clear, and balanced.

At the same time, this instrument has the stability and power that comes with an electric guitar that is of the solid-body type.

The pickups of the 58/15 “S” type deliver balance and clarity that sound musical and big within a hollowbody type of platform.

Additionally, the system of the LR Baggs/PRS Piezo type is newly-designed. It also gives musicians the ability to wield tones that are both electric and acoustic. The instrument has two volume controls that are discrete:

  • Magnetics
  • Piezo

It also has two output jacks (magnetics and mix/piezo). When they plug into the jack of the “Mix/Piezo” category jack, musicians can blend the pickups (using the individual controls for volume) with the acoustic tones of the piezo.

Additional Details About the PRS Core Hollowbody II Piezo Model in Black Sunburst Custom Color

Another option is for musicians to plug separately into the jacks so that the guitarist can run magnetic pickups (into an amp) and can DI (into the soundboard) or run the piezo (through an amp that’s acoustic).

When the player is using, in isolation, the jack of the magnetic output type, the battery of the piezo type is completely bypassed (acting like a failsafe).

When this occurs, even in the case where the piezo battery has run out, the magnetic pickups work still. In the SE Series, this instrument is the most versatile. Check it out in the beautiful Black Sunburst custom color here.

PRS Guitars’ Video on the SE Hollowbody II

In a YouTube video shared by PRS Guitars on their YouTube channel, they review the SE Hollowbody II. Bryan Ewald reviews this guitar. He starts by explaining its construction, reviewing what materials it’s made of, and showing what parts it has.

He then plays it to show what the pickups sound like. He first reviews the bridge pickup clean // humbucker. He says it has one of the sweetest, for single notes and chords, sounds. He adores these sounds.

He says that the sound is very clear and that the top end isn’t harsh. Out of the pickups he knows, it’s one of his favorites in terms of sound.

Something else Bryan does is to put a bit of gain on. He then plays it again, testing the pickups now with the gain on. He explains that the construction causes a resonance that’s woody and classic.

He says it works for settings of the clean jazz and singer-songwriter styles, as well as for tones of rock/fusion types and gain.

To see more of what he has to say, check out the YouTube video here.

Sloan School of Music’s Relationship With the Maker of the PRS SE Hollowbody II

Sloan School of Music has built a relationship with PRS Guitars. We love the look, feel, and play of these guitars. This is why we recommend to students learning music, whether on-site or through online music lessons, that they consider buying PRS brand guitars.

Looking for Guitars or Music Lessons?

Now that you’ve learned about the manufacturer of the PRS SE Hollowbody II and the features of the PRS Core Hollowbody II Piezo model in black sunburst custom color, you might be looking to buy a new guitar or take music lessons.

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