The Best Instruments to Learn (Based on Age)

best instruments to learn
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Did you know that playing an instrument keeps your mind sharper ?

We here at Sloan School of Music feel so blessed to be able to create a community of music, and music lessons in Hagerstown, MD. We understand that it’s not just about keeping your mind sharper but it’s about opening it up to a world of opportunities.

Music is a great skill for children to have. Music lessons are a great way for kids to develop skills like creativity and discipline. Plus, it’s fun! And there are no limits on what instruments they can learn. 

Your child will be able to express themselves through their music while also developing skills that will last a lifetime. It doesn’t matter if they’re six months old or sixteen years old — there’s an instrument out there for everyone!

So if this sounds interesting to you, keep reading to learn about the best instruments to learn based on your child’s age.

When Can I Start Teaching My Child Music?

Instrument lessons open up a world of opportunities for your child. So it’s smart to start as early as possible! The earlier you begin, the more likely they’ll be able to achieve their goals with little difficulty. 

There are no limits on when your child can start learning music. But it does depend on the instrument. And if you want your child to learn how to read music, they should start at around the age of six.

An absolute minimum is three years old, but that’s only if you want them to learn how to read music. This will be far easier for musically trained adults to teach.

You should also know that most schools won’t let your child start music until they’re around 7-8 years old. So you’ve got some time on your hands, don’t worry! Of course, if you have the money or are looking for a tutor, there’s no reason why you can’t get started earlier.

What Are the Benefits of Children’s Music Lessons?

There are several benefits to teaching children music. And that certainly goes for infants and toddlers! Some of them include:

It helps improve their brains: Learning to play a musical instrument is no easy task. Doing so requires your child to use various parts of their brain at the same time. So it’s bound to have an impact on their development!

It helps with language development: Music is a form of communication. And when children learn how to sing and play songs, they’re also learning how to communicate better.

It builds discipline: In order to learn an instrument, your child will need to practice regularly. This teaches them the importance of discipline and hard work.

It’s fun: Learning an instrument is certainly a challenging task. But it can be tons of fun for your child while they’re learning how to play! This will keep them motivated and excited about music throughout the years.

How Do I Get My Children Excited About Instruments?

Most children will enjoy making sounds. And that’s a great place to start when it comes to getting them interested in instruments! But there are a few ways to start introducing instruments to children who don’t seem as eager at the start.  You can start by playing music in the background while they’re doing other activities. Or even have them watch music videos online.

Once they’ve shown some interest, you can then start bringing home different instruments for them to try. And lastly, sign them up for music lessons! The First Beats program at the Sloan School of Music is a perfect group class to get little ones involved.

Best Instruments To Learn for Kids Under Six Years Old

There are a few instruments that are great for kids who are five and under. These include:

Xylophone – This instrument is perfect for kids who love to hit things. The sounds they produce are fun and bright, too!

Recorder – If you want your child to learn how to play a woodwind instrument, then the recorder is a good choice. It’s also very inexpensive.

Drums and Percussion – These instruments are great for kids who love loud noises and making beats! Plus, they help with hand-eye coordination.

Best Instruments To Learn for Kids Six to Eleven Years Old

If your child is six to eleven years old, they can start learning the following instruments:

Violin – The violin is a great choice for kids who want to learn how to play a stringed instrument. It’s also perfect for kids who want to learn how to read music.

Guitar – The guitar is one of the most popular instruments in the world, and it’s easy to see why! There are different styles you can choose from, too. Plus, they’re very accessible since there are free online lessons you can check out.

Piano – With piano lessons online, your child can learn how to play this popular instrument. And they can even begin right now!

Best Instruments To Learn for Kids Twelve to Fifteen Years Old

The instruments that are good for kids twelve to fifteen years old include:

Flute: The flute is a great choice if your child wants to learn how to play a woodwind instrument.

Clarinet: The clarinet is another good choice for kids who want to learn how to play a woodwind instrument.

Trumpet: If your child wants to learn how to play brass instruments, the trumpet is a great option.

Best Instruments To Learn for Kids Sixteen Years Old and Up

If your child is sixteen years old or older, then they can start learning the following instruments:

Piano: If your child already knows how to read music, the piano is a good choice. It’s also great if they want to learn how to play classical pieces by composers like Mozart and Beethoven.

Electric Guitar: The electric guitar is great for kids who want to make loud music. It also helps them develop their creativity, which is very important.

Bass Guitar: The bass guitar is similar to the electric guitar, but it’s a bit more complicated since there are four strings instead of six. It’s perfect for kids who want to start learning how to play music in a band setting.

Start Teaching an Instrument to Your Child Today

No matter what age your child is, there’s an instrument out there that they will love!  So start teaching them how to play today. And who knows? They may even become the next Beethoven or Mozart!

Getting started with music lessons is easy! There are many different programs to choose from, and you’re sure to find one that’s perfect for your child. Contact us to get started today.