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Whether you are expanding your skills or just beginning, Sloan’s collection of Alfred Music books will help you on your journey. 

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For nearly a century, Alfred Music has been a dedicated provider of music publications and educational materials for musicians at all skill levels. A passionate supporter of music education, Alfred has helped millions of musicians learn, perfect, and teach every musical instrument and style using tried-and-true products and publications, including: 

  • Its own line, which includes Alfred’s Basic Guitar and Alfred’s Piano Library
  • Classic materials for Suzuki and Premier Piano methods
  • Work from artists like The Who and the Rolling Stones
  • Soundtracks for some of the most popular shows ever screened, including the Harry Potter franchise, The Lord of the Rings and The Wizard of Oz

Sloan School of Music is pleased to offer a selection of Alfred brand products for our students and customers. Whether you are expanding your repertoire with some top Billboard songs or you’re just starting your lessons with the classic Suzuki technique, Sloan’s comprehensive collection of Alfred Music brand curated materials will help you on your journey. 

About Alfred Music

Alfred Music has been a critical part of the music world since it started as Manus Music in NYC’s iconic Tin Pan Alley in 1922. Founder Sam Manus was a violinist and music importer by trade, and he acquired music publisher Alfred & Company in 1930. Sam’s son Morty joined the family business in the late 1940s. 

A talented clarinet and piano player in his own right, Morty was interested in increasing the company’s educational offerings. He spearheaded the establishment of a full instructional series for accordions, followed by guitar, piano, and recorder. This grew Alfred Music from a sheet music publisher to a provider of quality educational materials. 

Over the following 20 years, Alfred Music grew extensively. Morty’s children joined it in the late 1980s and early 1990s, and quickly expanded international distribution with offices in Germany, Australia, Singapore, and the U.K. The company acquired Warner Bros. Publications in 2005, gaining access to the EMI Catalogue Partnership and established publishing rights for a range of materials.

Alfred Music is known as an innovative company that provides only the best materials for its customers. It most recently partnered with MakeMusic, a music technology company that aims to revolutionize music composition, education, and performance. 

Come Check Out Our Alfred Music Products

Sloan School of Music is committed to providing students and customers at all levels with all the materials and products they need for a successful and fulfilling musical experience. In keeping with our goal to provide superior materials, we are proud to offer a selection of Alfred products, including: 

Alfred’s Classical for Guitar

Whether you’re just getting started or are looking to expand your guitar repertoire, Alfred’s Classical for Guitar features a solid selection of pieces for players in Grades 1 through 4. With works spanning more than 250 years, you will find pieces that are both interesting and technically challenging from a variety of composers, including Carulli, Giuliani, Bach, Paganini, and Beethoven. 

The Legend of Zelda™ Series for Guitar

Winner of “Best in Show” at the 2012 Winter NAMM awards, this compilation of The Legend of Zelda™ video game soundtracks features themes that are beloved the world over. With TAB and full notation arrangements for solo guitar, Alfred’s The Legend of Zelda™ Series for Guitar is an excellent choice for students at beginner and intermediate level. Whether you’re playing for fun or looking for some unique solo material for recitals and concerts, you are sure to find the perfect song in this collection of 33 pieces from every installment of The Legend of Zelda™ series. 

Alfred’s Basic Piano Lesson Book 1A and 1B

An excellent choice for beginning students, Alfred’s Basic Piano Lesson Book 1A and 1B provide a valuable foundation for key and interval recognition, rhythm, and harmony. Using a simple step-by-step method, students learn how to read music on the grand staff, with introduction to treble and bass clefs, scales, chords, and accidentals. Increasingly difficult material is incorporated as the user moves through the program, allowing them to apply new skills and knowledge as they go along. This series is most effective when incorporated into an ongoing lesson plan with a teacher. 

Let Alfred and Sloan Help You Reach Your Goals

At Sloan School of Music, we are dedicated to ensuring that our students have access to the best musical instruction, instruments, learning tools, and materials on the market. We understand the value of high quality education, which is why our thoroughly curated selection of products includes numerous Alfred Music publications. Alfred’s commitment to the production of effective pedagogical educational materials and engaging musical products is evident in the exceptional quality of its products. In fact, Sloan’s seasoned instructors often incorporate their materials into lesson plans, because they know that Alfred’s products utilize the perfect mix of technical direction and musical interest that will keep students challenged and engaged. 

To learn more about our selection of Alfred Music products or to sign up for music lessons with Sloan’s expert instructors, contact Sloan School of Music today!

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