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Today’s music industry and education depends on instruments that have been in the making for centuries, and Zildjian is musics innovating leader.

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Zildjian is considered the Gold Standard of cymbals, and its other products — such as hickory drumsticks — are designed to create sounds that inspire the world. The company’s name literally means “cymbal smith,” and today’s Zildjian combines the old tradition of excellence with the leading-edge of music technology.

Sloan School of Music is a proud seller of the Zildjian brand , and our staff can’t wait to help students of all ages and ability levels find the products that will take their skills to the next level.

Zildjian cymbals’ secret alloy was accidentally created by an alchemist, Avedis, in the palace of the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire in 1618. He was attempting to make gold, but instead made the material that has become the Gold Standard of cymbals. The Sultan gave Avedis the name “Zildjian,” which means “cymbal smith.” Avedis Zildjian spent his life perfecting his techniques for making cymbals with amazing musical tone.
Today, the Executive Chair is Craigie Zildjian, the Senior Vice President is Debbie Zildjian, and the Co-Chair of the Board of Directors is Cady Zildjian. Cady is the fifteenth generation to belong to the Zildjian family business, making the company the oldest family business in the United States. The business continues to grow, creating waves in the musical world through modern jazz, personal relationships with top percussionists, and growth in musical progress. The years have only made the sounds sweeter.
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At Sloan School of Music, we have fantastic instructors who encourage their students to strive for greatness in their music practice and beyond. Contact Sloan School of Music today to speak with an expert about the Zildjian products in our store or to get signed up for lessons. We can’t wait to see you soon.

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