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Whether you’re a beginner interested in learning to play or an advanced guitarist searching for a step-up instrument to refine your technique, you can’t go wrong with a Fender electric, acoustic, or bass guitar.

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Fender has made a name as the world’s most popular and consistent guitar manufacturer since the electric guitar’s early years.

At Sloan School of Music, we are proud to sell a variety of Fender products — including its Stratocaster and Telecaster — to provide guitar students throughout greater Hagerstown with the best options available. Our instructors and sellers are familiar with the intricacies of each, and are here to help you choose the instrument that matches your skill level, budget, and goals as a performer.

Types of Fender Guitars

Hollow-body guitars were used in jazz ensembles prior to the 1950s, but Fender made a major update to its earlier instruments by introducing the first solid-body electric guitar, which became known as the Telecaster. This guitar had a richer and cleaner sound than previous models, which played a major role in helping to set rock and roll bands apart from the bands of the 1940s.
Fender also helped to make amplifiers a norm for both electric and bass guitars. This addition made it possible for modern small rock to produce as much sound as earlier big bands, which permanently shifted the typical size of popular music groups.
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The Stratocaster and Telecaster share many traits, but beginners may prefer the former’s ergonomic shape. A thinner neck and contoured body make the Stratocaster more comfortable for many players to hold, especially those with smaller hands. Its double cutaway and three coil pickup improve its tone and ease of playability, and the model is available in various neutral and pastel colors to suit any player's style. The Stratocaster is a favorite with well-known guitarists like Buddy Holly and Jimi Hendrix.

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The Telecaster was Fender's first electric guitar. Like the Stratocaster, it is usually made from a type of lightweight alderwood. Most are less expensive than Stratocasters and available in several bright colors. The Telecaster can be played by guitarists of any skill level, so new players should plan to test it and the Stratocaster before deciding because the feel and sound of the instruments come down to personal preference. The Telecaster is preferred by modern players like Brad Paisley and Keith Urban.

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Jazz Basses

The Jazz Bass is Fender's most popular bass model. The bass is built and played similarly to an electric guitar, but the instrument is slightly larger, creates sounds that are an octave lower, and plays a different role than the Telecaster and the Stratocaster. Most jazz basses are brown or black, though the Vintera '60s Jazz Bass and the Deluxe Active Jazz Bass V also come in a handful of pastel shades.

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Hot Rod Deluxes

Choosing a quality amplifier is one of the most important steps you can take to ensure you get maximum sound from your instrument, especially if you are interested in performing regularly. Fender's Hot Rod Deluxe IV is a black 120V amp made of pine that features various updates to the previous model, including smooth reverb, modified preamp circuitry, and modern aesthetics.

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Fender remains a trusted brand among guitarists of every level, and its Stratocaster and Telecaster have gained reputations as some of the world’s most popular instruments. They are also a top choice for students and amateur players. Many more affordable guitars that are marketed toward beginners come with poor action, inconsistent intonation, and other problems that can hinder serious students’ progress, but Fender’s models are built to last.

Sloan School of Music knows that low-quality instruments can quickly frustrate students and reduce their interest in learning. For that reason, we are proud to sell a variety of Fender models and other high-quality instruments that set them up for success. Contact us today with any questions you have about Fender products or to sign up for lessons.

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