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We are pleased to carry a selection of Aroma products to help our students make use of the latest in musical technology to establish their own unique sound. 

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Aroma Music Co. Ltd. is an emerging leader in electronic music product development and production, featuring high quality digital music products, equipment, and accessories. The brand’s cutting-edge technology makes it stand out in a world where electronic music products are now a dime a dozen, and the clarity and sound versatility offered by Aroma’s selection of digital music products and accessories are hard to beat.

At Sloan School of Music, we are dedicated to providing our students and customers with the highest quality musical tools and instruments in the industry. We are pleased to carry a selection of Aroma products to help our students make use of the latest in musical technology to establish their own unique sound.

About Aroma Musical Innovation

Aroma was established in 2015 in Shenzhen City, China, a booming metropolis and one of the world’s major centers of technological development and innovation. It thus has access to the latest electronic developments and top talent from the technology and music industries, and funnels these advantages into the research and development of top quality digital music products.

Aroma’s product portfolio — which includes electronic drums, wireless systems, guitar amps, effects pedals, metronomes, tuners, and musical accessories — is divided into two product ranges: musical accessories and musical electronic products:

  • Its musical accessories are rounded out by a collection of tuners, metronomes, metrotuners, capos, and stands.
  • This line even includes grip strengtheners. 
  • Its state-of-the-art musical electronic products are also sold under the brand name Tom’s Line Engineering. 
  • This line includes everything from quality guitar and bass effect pedals to amps and drum kits. 

Aroma’s goal is to help professional musicians and students alike create as many colors of sound as there are scents and aromas in the world. To achieve their goal, it makes use of the latest technology to continuously push the boundaries of sound. 

Aroma Products in the Sloan School of Music Store

Sloan School of Music is pleased to offer two of Aroma’s premier products for students and customers in every musical genre. These unique, modern tools will help you establish and practice your drumming technique while offering a world of technological marvels to keep your playing unique and interesting. 

Aroma TDX-21 Electronic Drum Set

Aroma’s TDX-21 Electronic Drum Set features a full 8-piece kit, with 5 drums and 3 cymbals with quiet mesh heads designed to reduce ambient noise. The set features:

  • An 8″ mesh dual-zone snare
  • Three 6″ mesh toms
  • A solid upright kick bass drum
  • Three half-silicone cymbals: a 10″ ride, 10″ crash, and an 11″ hi hat 
  • All wires and cabling
  • Bass drum pedal
  • Hi hat pedal
  • A durable aluminum rack with all the attachments 

The TDX-21 also offers a set of 144 recorded sounds, 25 recorded drum kits, and 43 play-along tracks to coach you through new techniques and enhance your repertoire. A built-in metronome with a selection of sounds, rhythms, and time signatures will help you perfect your practice, and the kit offers a host of useful technology to help you connect to a variety of stereo, amplification, and recording equipment — including a stereo aux input, headphone jack, stereo outlets, plus USB and MIDI ports.

Aroma ADX-40 E-Drum Amp

Good things come in small packages, and Aroma’s ADX-40 E-Drum Amp is no exception. Portable, durable, and powerful, this drum amp is the perfect addition to your electronic drum kit. It offers:

  • 40 Watts of power, giving you the full frequency of a larger amp in a compact 10″ speaker system
  • A variety of modern features
  • Two 1/4 inch phone jacks
  • 2-channel volume control
  • Treble and bass controls
  • A user-friendly monitor that can be used for a wide range of digital instruments 

Exceptionally durable hardware and a compact package make this the perfect option for on-the-go gigs and lessons. 

Let Aroma and Sloan Help You Reach Your Musical Goals

Whether you’re a beginning percussion student searching for a supportive drum interface or a seasoned musician looking to enhance your original sound, you won’t be disappointed with Aroma Music brand instruments. With a comprehensive selection of digital musical equipment and accessories that incorporate cutting-edge technology, meticulous design, and superior components, the company has a well-deserved reputation for exceptional quality. Practice your drum technique anywhere with the TDX-21 Electronic Drum Set, or take your portable yet powerful Aroma ADX-40 E-Drum Amp to lessons, gigs, and shows for a professional sound in any setting.  

Contact the experts at Sloan School of Music today to learn more about our Aroma products, or sign up for music lessons to start your musical journey.

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